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I was always dealing with static hair when

I was always dealing with static hair when I lived in Illinois. It was drier up there than North Carolina, therefore my hair was pretty staticky all winter long.

The only way I could truly take care of it was to spray my hair brush with Static Guard and then brush through my ends. It used to smell *horrible*. Does it still? I haven’t used it in years!

There are a few other method for combating static electricity in your hair in the winter that don’t smell quite as bad though. Let’s jump into them.

First, you can try rubbing a dryer sheet along the static areas of your hair. This will smell better and should take care of the static at least on a surface level.

Second, you can try a hair oil or bump up your conditioner a bit. Dry hair is more prone to static than hydrated, moisturized hair. In a pinch you can rub hand cream all over your hands (as if you were simply using it to moisturize your hands) and after it has soaked in a little bit, rub your hands through the ends of your hair. The very little residue from lotion on your hands should negate the static temporarily!

Third, make sure you are using the right brushes, combs, and blow dryer. A carbon comb, as opposed to a plastic one, will prevent static! Avoid a boar bristle brush and instead choose one with wider bristles. This would be a great option for a brush!

Scarves and puffy vests tend to be static-inducers so consider spraying them with Static Guard and letting them air out a bit before you put them on. That should set you up for the most success for staying static-free this winter.

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