10 things to consider before emailing

I get a lot of email. on a typical day I get no less than 100 different emails. Hating a cluttered inbox, I try to go through them and handle them appropriately right away. More than a few things aren’t relevant to me or annoy me so much that I just delete them. Here’s some of the things that annoy me (any many other people) that you should consider when you’re sending an email.

  1. If I’ve emailed you first please leave the original email in there so I know what in the world you’re talking about.
  2. Place replies at the top of the email. That means the oldest piece of the email will be at the bottom. Noone wants to scroll all of the way down there and then read backwards. You should have an option to set this up in your email program.
  3. Only email and reply to the relevant parties. Not everyone needs to receive every email. If that is the case, set up an online group and leave your messages there.
  4. Don’t use all capitals.
  5. Use real sentences, not internet acronyms and abbreviations. Not everyone knows whatthey mean and there can be more than one meaning for something.
  6. Don’t use stationery.
  7. Don’t forward everything you like to me without considering if I’d like it. I don’t care to debate politics so why annoy me with your political cartoons when you probably know I don’t think they’re funny. If you really want to forward me something please include a note as to why you think I should see it or what your thoughts are.
  8. Don’t email pictures. Post a link to them. It’s faster and saves wasting download time.
  9. Use a subject in the subject line.
  10. Leave your name in the email so I know who it’s from.

Got any suggestions to add?