How to properly email a group of individuals

You’re wondering why someone would write a how to about sending an email, aren’t you? Here’s the deal. Anyone who works with email a lot has seen this happen. You open an email and it’s been send to you and twenty other people. Not necessarily the worst thing except you don’t know them and now they have your email address. After that, who knows who else will get your email address.

When emailing a group of individuals, be sure to be considerate to others and do it correctly. I am not referring to emailing all members of one group, such as a PTA board. I am referring to emailing multiple individuals that are unrelated, such as a bunch of your friends that don’t know each other or a bunch of different companies that you’re reaching out to.

The reason why emailing a group of unrelated individuals correctly is important is because you’re protecting them and the confidentiality they’ve shown you by giving you their email address. If you just put all of your email recipients in the to or cc field of an email, everyone will see everyone else’s email address. Not only is this giving out information that shouldn’t necessarily go out, it’s also opening all people on the list to people that collect email addresses to build databases and the needless reply all syndrome that some people have. The correct way to send a group of unrelated individuals an email is to put the addresses into the bcc field and send the email to yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I get enough spam and enough reply alls already.  I can’t recommend doing this enough, and the people in your address book will appreciate it too.