6 tips to getting your new blog indexed quickly in search engines

If you have a new blog and you want people to find you when they search Google, you’ll need to get indexed quickly. Otherwise, indexing can take a while. Here are some different ways to getting your site indexed.

If you use Google webmaster tools, submit a sitemap.

Use the “add url” page on Google, Yahoo, Alexa and MSN.

Submit articles to Digg and other social bookmarking sites.

Be active on forums and include your blog in your signature.

Get an existing site or blog to link to your blog.

Write good content and network with other bloggers.Bloggers link to stuff they like.


  1. Sam Vander

    Are these strategies good for regular sites? What happens if you add a new article to the site but don’t submit to search engines? I thought spiders crawl themselves if the site is indexed.

  2. Stephen Shone

    I use all the above methods – I go use ‘add Url’ but I’d question if that does any good – far better to get backlinks and submit sitemaps. As ever, good content is key.

  3. Bob

    All the methods described above are definitely true up to great extent. But these are time consuming and require patience which most (not every) of the webmaster do not have. As a common saying “No pain, no gain” so I agree that these steps should be followed for building a successful website.

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