I am a calendar and to do list person. I keep almost everything in the Thunderbird calendar and like it. But sometimes it’s a pain to have to leave Firefox, go to Thunderbird where I’m in the mail screen and go to the calendar tab. That’s why I was intrigued when I learned about ReminderFox.

ReminderFox manages to do lists and reminders. For those of you thinking that Thunderbird can do that, yes it can. But ReminderFox isn’t a calendar like Thunderbird. ReminderFox isĀ  simply a really helpful add-on for Firefox that can display and manage lists of date-based reminders and ToDo’s. It sits in the bottom of your screen and displays a pink ribbon and the name of your reminder, which will stay there until you mark it complete. It can manage to do lists and reminders and includes an alarm. ReminderFox is a free add-on for Firefox.