How to add your Home page to your sidebar

Unfortunately, the pages widget does not permit the home page of a blog to be included in it’s output. A poor decision in my opinion. Not all people actually realize to click on the header to get back to the home page. Others don’t know how to alter their code to make the header a clickable link. This how to is for those people who want their pages widget to show their blog’s home page and aren’t very comfortable playing with code. Here’s one way to do this. Drop the pages widget into your sidebar. In another tab, view the home page of your blog and view the source code. Look for the code for the sidebar widget, copy that and paste it into a text widget on your blog. Manually add in the home page link and you’re all set. Go back to the other tab and refresh your home page and you should see your list of pages there including your home page. Now go back to the other tab and remove the pages widget from the sidebar. That’s it. As always, backup everything before you do something, and only do one thing at a time if you’re comfortable with it. It’s pretty easy, just be careful. So. Who else thinks it’s a poor decision not to include the home page in the WordPress pages widget? Speak up.

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