How to close comments on your blog

I didn’t want to leave comments open on my WordPress blog indefinitely, nor did I want to turn them off. I figured someone must have come up with a way to have comments turn off after a certain period of time so I went surfing on the internet. I found what I was looking for in Comment Timeout.

Comment Timeout allows bloggers to set a time limit on how long comments remain open. It can be set blog wide, as well as changed within write/edit individual posts. You decide how many days you want comments to remain open. There is also a feature that will permit comments to continue for an extended period of time on very popular posts, on that one you decide not only how many days to leave it open but also how many comments constitutes a popular post. To install just download the plugin, extract and install the file into the plugins directory of your blog. Then activate from your dashboard. Comment Timeout works on WordPress 2.0 or later. I’ve included a screenshot of the admin panel.


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