How to add footers to your rss feed

You’re probably familiar with rss feeds if you’re a blogger or read blogs. On the off chance you’re not familiar, rss stands for really simple syndication and it’s a way of getting your new content out to readers that want to see it. A footer, as many people know, goes at the bottom of your content. It is possible to place footers on your rss feed. Some of the things you could place at the bottom of your feed include banners, links to your other sites, links promoting things like contests, advertisements, messages and copyright notices.


I found a plugin called Feed Footer over at Blog Clout that’s easy to use and allows you to include a footer with your rss feeds. To use it, download the plugin, extract and upload the file to your plugins directory of your blog, activate the plugin and configure it. Feed Footer permits inclusion of up to 10 different ads which rotate. If you only want to include one message than you need to put that message in all ten of the boxes. If you want to alternate two messages, put each message in five of the boxes. I’m including a screenshot of the boxes so you understand what I’m referring to. It’s easy to use and I recommend it. Check it out, and let me know what you use it for.


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