How to install a WordPress plugin

Installing a WordPress plugin is fairly straightforward. First, download the plugin that you’ve decided you want to use. In most instances the file will be a zip file. The next step is to unzip the file. If you don’t have the software to do this you can use programs such as WinZip or 7Zip, as well as numerous others. Now upload the unzipped file into the plugins directory of your WordPress blog, which is located within the content directory. The last step is to log in to your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin.

If you’re a Cpanel user there’s another way to install a plugin. Log into your cPanel and upload your zipped plugin into your WordPress plugins file. After uploading it, click on the zipped file you just uploaded showing on the left and then click on the extract link on the right. After that just log into your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin.

That’s it.


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