How to show similar posts in WordPress

If you use WordPress and want to add the ability to view similar posts at the end of a post then this plugin is for you. I have recently done this on this blog, as you might have noticed if you’re a regular reader. Implementing it isn’t too bad but will require a little fidgeting with your code. Here’s what you’ll need to do. Download the Similar Posts plugin. Install the plugin into your WordPress plugins directory, and activate it through your WordPress dashboard. Now it’s time to place the specified code into your theme where you want the similar posts to appear. The plugin page contains easy to understand install instructions, as well as a link to an article on modifying themes from Lorelle on WordPress. I suggest you make sure you’re backed up before installing the code, just to be safe. Then read the instructions (and the Lorelle piece on modifying themes if you need it). Then try it. Make sure this is the only thing you’re altering at the time, so if something happens you know exactly where you were and what you did and how to reverse it. I had to move mine three times before I got it where I wanted it. Once it’s installed and appearing where you want it you can administer its behavior from within the WordPress dashboard. Here’s a screenshot of the control panel.

Some of the aspects you can control with the output of the plugin include how many similar posts are shown, if you want the current post included or left out of the results, if you want the results to be from the same category as the current post, categories that should be included or excluded and authors that should be included or excluded. Let me know if you implement it on your blog and how you like it.


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