How to place a contact form in WordPress

Want to include a contact form on your blog? With CForms, it’s easy. I have it installed on all of my blogs. Here’s how you do it.
Go to and download the plugin.
Extract the plugin and upload it to the plugins directory of your blog.
If you upload the file zipped into cpanel and unzip it there you’ll get a folder named contactforms that will have cforms within it and will need to be moved, so better to extract it before uploading.
Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin area.
You will now see cforms up in your Admin menu.
At the form name area, enter the name of the form you’re creating.
The form will come with some fields preformatted. If you need more, click on the add another field button or the +1 button, depending on which version you’re using. For example, I wanted to add something to help fight spam. I created a field that has to be named visitor verification to work, and chose visitor q&a (the captcha isn’t always legible).
Redirection, messages, text and button all pertain to letting a visitor know if they’ve successfully sent you a message or if their attempt failed.
Core form admin is where you enter your email, where your messages will be sent.
Auto confirmation will show the sender a confirmation email that their message has been sent.
When you’re all finished configuring the options, just save it.
Now to make the form live, place the code within your page.
Those are the basics of how to place a form on your blog.
There is another tab that permits you to customize the appearance of your form.
The plugin also has a terrific help tab as well if you get stuck.
Let me know if you use it and how you like it. I’d be lost without it.


  1. coleman lanterns

    Your post has perfect timing for me! I was just thinking about a project where my readers will need to contact me, but do to email spam I did not want to post my email address. With a form I can create boxes for exactly need and just have it submitted to me without displaying my email account.

  2. Skeezix

    Although I’ve uploaded and used plugins on my WordPress sites many times in the past, Cforms simply refuses to show itself in the Plugin Management window. Suggestions?

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