How to install WordPress using cpanel 11 on your own domain

This tutorial presumes you have never installed WordPress before on your own domain. This tutorial is written for those whose hosting includes cpanel.
This is not the only way to install WordPress but it is how an easy way to do it and it’s how I’ve done it every time.
First decide if you want to run the whole site on WordPress, or just the blog.
Go to and click on download .zip.
Download the zipped file to your computer. Unzip the package.
Now, log into cpanel and create a MySql database and user and add the user you’ve created to the database you’ve created. Click here if you need a tutorial on how to do this. Make a note of the name of the database and user name, you’ll need them in a while.
Now upload the wordpress files to your hosting account. You can upload them with an ftp client like Filezilla or you can upload them in cpanel. If you decided to run the whole site on WordPress, then upload all of the contents (just the contents, not the folder) of the unzipped WordPress file you downloaded right into the root directory of your site. If you decided to use WordPress only for a blog, then rename the folder whatever (for example blog) and upload that folder to the root directory.
Now, in cpanel, go into the filemanager.
Find wp-config-sample.php and rename it wp-config.php
Click on wp-config.php and click edit. Another window will open.
Where the code says DB_NAME change that to your database name.
Where the code says DB_USER change that your database user name.
Where the code says DB_PASSWORD change that to the password you created.
Save wp_config.php and close that window.
Run the installer by accessing wp-admin/install.php in your browser.
If you installed in the root directory, access
If you installed into a folder in the root directory, access
You’ll need to supply your blog name and your email address, and if you want your blog to be visible to search engines. You’ll be given a password, make sure you keep it.
You should be all set. Let me know how you did.