How to manage the ads on your blog

Do you have sell advertising on your blog? Wouldn’t you like an easy and efficient way to manage the ads? If you would, then you need to get OIO Publisher. OIO Publisher is a WordPress plugin designed for managing blog monetization and sales. If you’re like me you might have kept track of things in a spreadsheet, or in your email. OIO Publisher makes it a whole lot easier to manage advertisers right from your blog’s dashboard.

Once installed you can sell and manage different types of advertising including banner ads, links, rss feed ads, inline posts and reviews. You can even set up custom advertising options. All ads can be either do follow or no follow, and you can adjust your price depending on which one you choose if you like. After configuring the ads you want to sell just install the code for the ad spots, either in the code or by widget, and you’re ready to go. When a potential advertiser clicks on one of your open spots they’re presented with an advertising page. (This is mine if you’d like to see what one looks like.) This awesome plugin even lets you create your own built in affiliate program.


After making your purchase, not only do you get this great plugin, but you get support from the creator Simon, who’s already helped me twice. You also get to list your blog in the marketplace where advertisers look for places to buy ads. Your advertisers will like it because if set up they can geo target their ads, and they will be sent a report summarizing their ad performance. OIO Publisher sells for $37 and is worth every cent. The time you will save using it will make it pay for itself in no time. Let me know if you’re using it or if you start using it, and how you like it.